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In My Studio… Reflections of Summer

I’m sitting down in my new studio. The breeze is blowing through the corner windows that surround me from behind. The sun is shining on an amazingly crisp cool summer day for July. I’m taking this moment of quiet to rest and reflect. I’ve been so busy doing and moving in that I haven’t had […]

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It’s Moving Week…A New Studio. A New Beginning.

I know I have been a little quiet here lately in cyberspace. The good news is though, it’s been crazy busy this summer in a good way. This week is moving week into the new studio and while exhaustingly physical, it is super exciting.  This July marks an important milestone in my art. I am […]

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The New Studio Countdown

Summer is kicking off to quite a flurry of activity. If you have been following my Facebook page, you know that I am getting ready to move into a new studio space. It’s really an amazing set of doors opening and shared visions and dreams that brought me together with mixed-media artist, Crystal Neubauer, who […]

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In my sketchbook… When in Pain… Draw!

This is my view from my hospital recovery bed. I was just waking up from a Lithotripsy procedure where they had crushed a .7cm kidney stone after injecting dye into my kidneys. They give you a highly stylish plastic swim suit to put on that I swear looked like those rubber bottoms you put over […]

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Sketchbook. Pen and Ink Sketch. After-School Tutor Session Sketch. By Rebecca Stahr

In my sketchbook. Tutor Time Sketching.

Sometimes I can be so forgetful and distracted. After-school tutoring is usually on Thursdays but this week we agreed to Tuesday… and then I forgot. So after a quick phone call home and a ride back to school, I ended up sitting outside the classroom waiting. It was a great viewpoint for sketching with the […]

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Sketchbook. Pen and Ink Sketch. Coffee Break at Starbucks Sketch by Rebecca Stahr.

In My Sketchbook. Coffee Break Sketching.

It’s funny but sooner or later my sketchbook always circles back to Starbucks. It was pretty quiet the afternoon I was there so the most lively thing to draw was the baskets in front of me. Below is a sketch of of a sterling silver candle holder. I love the feel of this with it’s […]

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Some Mother’s Day Sketching

It’s Mother’s Day Weekend here in America. The weather in Chicago is finally feeling like springtime. The sun is shining and the flowers are blooming. We went for a few walks along the trails around our neighborhood. I always am on the lookout for things to either sketch or incorporate into my art. These maple […]

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